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Upgrade Your Leadership and Communication

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Presented by Chris and Armandee Drew of LifeLaunch Masterclasses

A certified leadership company with GiANT Worldwide.

In this workshop we will cover...


"The 5 Voices is the tool that enables us to better communicate with our teams. When we communicate better, we have more productive employees, which generally equates to improved profits. This is an essential tool to help move toward this goal.  - Cindi Filer, HR, Delta Airlines
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Communication Code

Communication Code

So much of what we do in education revolves around communication. If we can't communicate well to our students, they don't learn well. If we don't communicate effectively with parents, the reputation of the school declines. If we don't communicate productively with colleagues, it can result in misunderstanding and isolation.

The Communication Code workshop explores how to set the parameters of a conversation from the outset, preventing misunderstandings and miscommunication.

This dynamic, interactive workshop will help you:

★Connect and communicate effectively with your team, your family, and your friends

★Define the parameters of a conversation from the outset to avoid any misunderstandings

★Understand the power dynamics of an interaction to eliminate the fear of honest conversation

★Offer constructive criticism without offending or disappointing the person on the other side

★Maximize your situational awareness and collaborate like a pro

★Prevent communication attacks and restore healthy communication flow

5 Voices

5 Voices

Self-awareness is at the heart of great leadership. The 5 Voices interactive workshop explores different personality types and how they interact with others. Throughout the workshop, we will explore how you see the world, how others may see you, and how to dramatically improve your interactions with others.

We will reveal the secrets of how to unlock the value of each of the Voices: Nurturer, Guardian, Creative, Connector, and Pioneer. The impact of these insights impacts the entire school, from interactions with parents to increasing differentiation in the classroom - and everything in between.

  • Deepen your understanding of yourself and how to develop and improve your skills and talents.

  • Understand how you prefer to communicate and receive information

  • Learn tips to tailor your communication style to be more effective in the workplace.

  • Get insights into how you make decisions and what factors are most important.

  • Identify your preferred approach to problem-solving, and how you can best collaborate with others to find solutions.

  • Learn how you tend to cope with stress and what strategies may be most effective for you.

Visual Tools

Visual Tools

Introduction and explanation of powerful visual tools will be integrated throughout the workshops on Communication Code and 5 Voices. These tools are immediately applicable for both personal and professional application, providing language and objective ideas that foster deeper connection.

We will cover:

LifeLaunch Masterclasses

Support/Challenge Matrix - an extremely adaptable tool to determine how best to assist others reach their potential - no matter their relationship to you.

X-Factor - a practical tool to help with time management and establishing priorities

5 Circles of Influence - a visual reminder and reflection focus about how you are impacting the world.

CORE Process - an effective process tool useful for helping yourself or others understand their next action steps.

Leader Mindset - key questions to focus how best to serve those you lead.

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