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High School Leadership Training for Staff & Students
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Leadership Accelerators for Students

5 Voices and 5 Gears training for students provides powerful insight into personal tendencies and increases self-awareness to inspire confidence, decrease stress and create deeper relationships.



Teacher Toolkit Training

Relevant, powerful tools to easily enhance instruction with  application for conflict resolution and differentiated instruction.



SLT Leadership  Training

Create more effective collaboration and synergy with tools and strategies applied by innovative organizations.



For Students


Students may not realize how much their personality influences how they approach relationships, academics, and future choices. Understanding more about their personality provides greater confidence and specific growth opportunities.

Our personality training takes the complicated Myers-Briggs and converts it to a much more "sticky" and workable 5 Voices.

Each of the Voices represents a different personality style with positive behavior tendencies and learning opportunities.

We stress that everyone is all 5 Voices and learning each of the Voices is a way to understand both yourself and others.

Creating greater self-awareness translates to greater peace, less anxiety, and an ability to understand others better. 

The trainings are designed for students in grades 10-12. There are easy applications for MYP Projects and ToK.


Our time is not usually spent with intention - especially as a student. In the process of walking students through the 5 Gears, they discover a more focused and productive way to approach their day.

It's all based on being in the right "gear" at the right time.

And personality matters.

Everyone has natural rhythms and patterns of behavior that need to be encouraged or disrupted. Knowing what approaches come naturally, allows students to understand what they are already good at and what they need to be more intentional about.

While the training addresses time-management, it also explores how to have more meaningful connection with others.

The trainings are designed for students in grades 10-12. There are easy applications for MYP Projects and ToK.


"The leadership camp was transformational - life changing in fact. I came to realize that I have strengths and these make me who I am - I am worthy and unique."

"It was not simply the content of the programme that made such an impact on me, but also your warm, inviting and engaged approach."

"Having experienced my fair share of leadership camps over the years, I can say unequivocally that I have never been as challenged and inspired as I have with your programme."

For Teachers


Teacher Toolkit Training

Often professional development training checks a box but makes little real change - for a variety of reasons.

Our training introduces specific, highly adaptable visual tools and strategies that can create efficient feedback from the students, heighten self-awareness while increasing content understanding, and create more powerful group interactions.

As an example, the tool to the right creates a way for both students and teachers to determine what they need most for any given lesson and in life. The question becomes, "What does support and challenge look like for you right now?"

This example just scratches the surface of how this one tool can be applied.

And this is just one of many tools that have practical application to enhance instruction without requiring a huge rewrite of curriculum.

“If your emotional abilities aren’t in hand, if you don’t have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can’t have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far.” – Daniel Goleman

For Senior Leadership Teams


Administrators are often so busy with the running of a school that their own personal and professional leadership development gets pushed to the side.

Leaders create the culture of an organization, so if you and your team need to work together better or are stressed out, the organization may also have disunity and drama.

Our Trainings

Team Efficiency

Learn new strategies to improve meetings, teamwork, and collaboration. These principles and strategies will help free up time and create a greater sense of purpose and unity.

We take teams through a design process using six specific exercises that will transform every team.

Personality Deep Dive

Personalities matter. Our deeply rooted tendencies based on nature, nurture, and choice cause us to think and respond in ways that can be helpful or in ways that could lead to better outcomes.

Learn more about what comes naturally and what takes more effort. This increased self-awareness will help you lead yourself, your team, and your organization more effectively.

Altitude Training

Take your leadership to new heights with online training that introduces powerful tools and strategies to implement with yourself, your team, and your organization.

This option can be self-directed or can be layered with personal coaching.

Organizations that have benefited from our training:

About Us

Armandee Drew

Armandee has engaged in leadership development on four continents over the past 20 years, working in the field of education, counseling, corporate and nonprofit sectors, and faith communities. She specializes in transformational executive coaching and facilitating the emergence and evolution of flourishing teams and communities.

With a background in counseling, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and a Master's degree in Global Leadership, Armandee brings a healing presence to her coaching and leadership consulting. She helps leaders become more secure, confident, and self-aware, empowering them to fight for the highest possible good of those they lead.

Chris Drew

Chris has helped develop leaders in the US, Germany, Indonesia, and the UAE. He uses his training as a consultant with GiANT Worldwide, his intercultural training (ICI) from the Middle East, his training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming from iNLP, and his training as an ICF coach to help organizations create highly functioning teams, so that each person becomes happier in their workplace and more productive.

His 30 years in education as an IB English and ToK teacher gives him an experienced perspective into the strengths and challenges schools face. He has also served as teacher mentor, Head of English, Head of ToK, IB English Moderator, IB English Examiner, and speaker at IBAEM Regional Conference.

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