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Content and Coaching that Builds Confidence and Clarity about the Present and the Future

Providing young adults with the tools to succeed in relationships, school, career, and life.

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What others have said...


"This is the best course that I have ever taken in terms of becoming a better leader and a better person towards others and myself. If you want a positive lifestyle change, this is definitely the course to take."


"I have learned so many valuable tools and ideas that I know will take me into a successful future. I tell all my friends about LifeLaunch Masterclasses."


"The courses makes you look at life in a good but different way and shows you many things you never think would help as much as they do. The course is worth it 100%"


"LifeLaunch provided language and practicality to my knowledge of my own tendencies and patterns, as well as insight into understanding those closest to me. The year was full of unexpected events and LifeLaunch gave me a space to debrief and handle the year in a healthy way."

These masterclasses are for you if... 

  • You struggle with difficult relationships
  • You want greater clarity about your future
  • You find yourself wondering about what gives your life purpose
  • You want to better understand how to get along with others
  • You find yourself wasting time without a clear focus
  • You would like to improve your communication skills

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A Little Background

We spent 30 years teaching in the US, Germany, Indonesia, and the UAE. With all the great schools, teachers, and students, the emphasis was (understandably) on academics. But there always seemed like there was something missing.

There never seemed to be time to help students grapple with real life problems, like stress, relationships, and what to do with their future.

So, we developed LifeLaunch Masterclasses.

By learning more about

  • your identity
  • how to manage your time based on your personality
  • how to connect with others in a healthy way
  • how to make important choices about your future

you can move forward with confidence and clarity.

Start the four-stage journey of self-awareness today!

Identity Masterclass

Increase Your Confidence

You have both natural and developed strengths how you view the world and engage with other people. This masterclass empowers you to claim your natural strengths and embrace your learning opportunities.

Time Masterclass

Take Control of Your Time

Learn strategies to manage your activities, so you have time for rest, friends, fun, and productivity. These practical tools decrease stress and set you up for success right now and for the future.

Relationship Masterclass

Improve Your Relationships

Relationships are difficult - but there are some key factors that help make things easier. Incorporating these principles enriches friendships and family life, setting you up to handle transitions from college and work.

Meaning Masterclass

Clarify Your Future

With so many options available, it can be difficult to narrow your choices. Practical strategies help you align your talents and genius with your values and personality. Knowing how to prioritize your choices makes decisions much easier.

Begin today with the Identity Masterclass

Self-Directed - Identity Masterclass


One-time fee for 60-day access

  • Compelling content
  • Thought-provoking questions
  • Powerful visual tools
  • Meaningful application
  • Office Hours once a month

Power Coaching Package - Identity Masterclass


One-time fee for 90-day access

  • Exceptional Content
  • Thought-provoking questions
  • Meaningful reflections
  • Powerful visual tools
  • Office Hours once a month
  • Group coaching twice a month