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LifeLaunch Masterclasses' content, community, and coaching improves family dynamics and helps you prepare your teen for a powerful launch into college or career.

I want tools to improve family communication

Let’s face it. Parenting teens is challenging.

You have read the books and attended the seminars.

You have sacrificed your time and personal agendas to make sure your kids have the best education, resources, and support.

And they have been doing great so far (more or less).

But now that they are teens, it feels like you need to shake things up to stay connected.

The old patterns and strategies aren’t working the way you hoped.

You know that there is more that you can do to prepare them for dynamic independence.

If you’re honest, you desire

  • Improved family relationships
  • Richer conversations
  • Increased communication
  • New tools to empower your teen
  • Increased insight into your teen’s personality
  • Strategies to transition from parent to coach
  • Peace of mind when your child leaves home
  • A community to discuss perspectives
  • Coaching to gain new insights

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective, some new ideas to break up patterns that may need revitalizing.

With LifeLaunch Masterclasses membership, you get the benefit of powerful strategies and tools we have collected as we worked with teens and parents for over 30 years across three continents. You gain insights from our roles as teachers and Dean of Students, life coaches and college/career counselors.

(We also raised our own kids who not only are still confiding in us but are now working with us.)

We condensed and refined our experience into these life-changing masterclasses and coaching.

And now we would like to pass on these ideas to you.

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Launch Your Teen into Their Best Life

Content for the Family

Quickly improve family dynamics through relevant, applicable content.

The content is designed to be accessible and relevant for both you and your young adult.

Each week, you gain access to a new piece of masterclass content, allowing you to engage, discuss, and implement the ideas. 

Each lesson contains reflection questions designed to deepen your understanding of yourselves and each other. Each masterclass includes discussion questions for the family.


We know it's difficult to go through change alone.

Our online community provides a place to empower and encourage each other as you implement new strategies in your family.

Parents and teens each have their own moderated communities to discuss ideas and get new perspectives.


Group coaching provides the ability to grapple with real issues in real time with a trained coach.

Bring your questions and frustrations for additional insights.

There are separate, weekly group coaching sessions for both parents and teens.

Personal coaching is available for an additional fee.

Boost Family Harmony

with the tools and language from LifeLaunch Masterclasses. Objective language helps create a more neutral space, increasing communication. Start today!

I want to improve my family dynamics



Improving family dynamics begins with increased self-awareness.

When you understand your own tendencies, as well as others', you can create a different, healthier way to interact.

These principles apply equally to family, community, and work, helping you become more effective (and happier) in each sphere.

This masterclass rolls out over 8 weeks. By the end, you will have a much better understanding of yourself and those around you.


How we each engage with time matters. And these differences can cause tension and anxiety at home, as well as at work or school.

This masterclass provides specific tools and strategies to adapt the way you use time based on personality.

Putting the ideas and tools into practice from this masterclass sets the foundation for putting time toward things that are meaningful.


Creating and maintaining healthy relationships is difficult. Especially if you are not aware of what makes a healthy relationship (or what makes a toxic one).

This masterclass dives into critical components of a healthy relationship - any relationship, whether family, friend, coworker, or romantic interest.

Implementing these ideas and tools can help clarify healthy and toxic tendencies, both in yourself and in others.


What actions and activities are meaningful to you? The answer to this question helps guide your current and future decisions. 

Through an exploration of personal values, personality, future dreams, talents, and skills, this masterclass helps clarify direction for schooling, job, and life in general. 

Especially since the outcome of this masterclass asks you to apply what you have learned on a practical level, it can have a profound impact on your future.

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