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LifeLaunch Masterclasses
LifeLaunch Masterclasses - A Case Study

LifeLaunch Masterclasses - A Case Study

Oct 21, 2021

Karalese came to the LifeLaunch Masterclasses on the recommendation of her father.

High school can be tough.

As a senior in high school, she faced all the stresses of classwork, time management, and friend drama.

Through the masterclasses, Karalese learned several things.

She learned to deal with hurt in a healthy way.

She learned to recognize behaviors in herself and her peers and to manage her own tendencies as she interacted with those around her.

And most of all, she learned to empower and encourage others to become their best selves to, in her words, “lead without having to be a leader”. She learned to value relationships and how to keep them healthy.

Now in college, Karalese uses the knowledge and experience she gained in the masterclasses to help make her higher education experience a joy.

When asked what it was like going through the different classes in the program, she said, “The courses were easy to manage, didn’t take up a lot of time, and the video presentations made it simple to follow through on the included exercises.”

She mentioned how instrumental the videos were in helping her learn more about herself and the relationships in her life. The videos are conversational without using “baby words” as Karalese noted.

She especially enjoyed the “reflection stuff” at the end of each video that presents practical applications of each concept discussed.

She also talked about how she was able to immediately apply what she learned in each class.

Since taking the masterclasses, Karalese has gained plenty of self-awareness and learned to ask, “What do my friendships mean to me?” in order to better nurture and develop healthy relationships with her peers.

She discovered that many conflicts in her relationships stemmed from mismatched expectations. 

By becoming aware of these tendencies, she has become more confident in her daily interactions with friends and family.

Another way the classes helped Karalese is she learned “practical time management” which was helpful in high school and has made her college experience easier.

In her friendly, self-aware manner, she related, “I’m relatively organized, but I tended to do the tasks that were quick and easy. But then the big things would get backed up. The course taught me how to set up my planner so I can focus on those things that are urgent and important first.”

Karalese is grateful the LifeLaunch Masterclasses helped her with the people around her. They have helped her avoid miscommunication and led to a deeper understanding of herself and others.

She says, “The courses are very beneficial for high school students. They gave me the language and detail to handle relationships and helped me become a healthier and more holistic person.”

If your student would benefit from greater time management skills, self-awareness, and relational maturity, then take a look at the LifeLaunch Masterclasses.



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