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5 Tips to Prepare Your Teen for College and Career - Part 2

Nov 29, 2021

Tip #2: Identify THEIR values

Values clarify decisions for both individuals and companies.

In fact, a good business plan establishes values early on, since the values (ideally) guide everything else.

Your children have grown up around your spoken and unspoken values; you reveal your values through your actions – and so do your children. In fact, an interesting experiment is to ask your children what they perceive to be your top values based on your actions. (Brene Brown has a starter list.)

For employees, you want them to uphold the values of the company. The same may have been true for your children as they were younger; you expected them to demonstrate your values. However, as they get older, their values may be slightly different.

Different values do not mean that they are wrong values.

For example, you may have valued politeness and respect as they grew up. You treated them with respect and expected it in return. However, they may value authenticity and honesty above politeness and respect, sparking some challenging conversations.

Neither set of values is wrong, just different.

Identifying what values are important for them can clarify communication gaps and behavior conflicts. If you can both articulate what your values are, then you can encourage each other in them.

What are your values? Can you list your top five?

Our masterclasses help young adults clarify their values, so they can make better choices:

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